Monday, November 30, 2009

Luminary: a body that gives light, especially one of the celestial bodies (Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary)

Our ceramic luminaries will be box forms that enclose a candle, have a lid, and let out light through a series of pierced decorations.

Create a challenging geometric form with your slabs. Make a paper template before beginning. Control dry slabs to leather hard, bevel edges and slip and score well!

Use piercing in a thoughtful and meaningful manner: piercing should enhance and fit with the overall theme.

Use a color scheme with surface decoration that is well chosen and well applied.

Optional: tie the visual theme of your luminary to a dream (which could have occurred during sleep, or may be a wish or want while awake)

Homework due Friday, December 4th (or before for extra credit!) Sketch out your idea for the luminary on the back of this sheet

check minus=late, on time but not in color or rushed

check=on time, in color, thoughtfully drawn

check plus=early, more than one sketch, in color, description included