Monday, May 7, 2012

Artist Study   *    Mini-Research Paper

For this Artist Study, you will find a ceramic artist whose work you are particularly drawn to…look online, in books or magazines for inspiration.  The artist can be contemporary, meaning they are alive and creating ceramic art today, or they can be from any point in history.

1. Find an artist:  make sure there is enough information about your chosen artist to answer the questions needed!

2. Print out or photocopy at least two images of your chosen artist’s work.  These do not have to be in color, and these photos will be passed in on Thursday, May 10th.

3.  Answer the questions below in paragraph form to create your Artist Study paper.  The paper will be a summary of the artist’s bio as well as why you chose them and what specifically you admire about their work.  This should be about 1 page: make sure you include all the information below!

1. who is your artist -important dates: birth, death (if applicable), when they were creating artwork, where they are from, where they work(ed)

2. what specific techniques do they use? types of clay/glazes, type of kiln/firing process *hint: when you see a word you do not recognize, ex. “raku”, look it up in Google or Wikipedia and describe that in your paper!

3. why did you choose this artist: what drew you to their work? why do you admire this person, what about your knowledge of ceramics makes them particularly interesting?

4. what connections can you make between this person’s work and your own ceramic work? are the two similar in style, concept, form or finish? or are they very different—and how did the similarities/differences influence your decision to choose this artist in particular?

*Please use complete sentences, and type the paper….remember that the content is more important than the length of the paper! *Due Friday, May 18th…or early for extra credit!!