Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ceramics Blog!

Welcome to the Beginning Ceramics Blog! I will be posting current assignments here, as well as homework assignments for you to check up on.


  1. Thanks for posting this online. And thanks for the ideas for the project
    Matt Smoot

  2. Woww Ms. Mahoney you put so much work into this website i likee

  3. I'm obsessed with Lisa Orr's style in her ceramic pieces. I went to her website and saw other sculptures and plates and they are amazing! I want to learn how she does it.
    Kelsey Fenn

  4. I really like the sculpture done by Patti Warashina. I like that the head is disproportional to the rest of the body to give emphasis to that part. I also like that at first glance it appears to just be glazed with a solid green, however at closer look, there are other shades mixed in as well. I also think that the way she does not use a glossy finish adds to the piece.