Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tremendous Texture Tiles!

For this project, you will create tiles with an image drawn, carved, pressed and/or painted onto the surface. You will need to bring in at least 3 items to press into the clay to create textures (think leaves, sticks, lace, buttons, old jewelry, etc.) Your central image will be a narrative (based on a story, true or fictional). Choose from literature, or create your own story (but you have to write it down!) You have two options for what type of tiles to create:

Single Tile: One tile, approximately 6”x6”, square or irregular outside shape.

Must include: at least 3 textures, at least one area of 3D sculpting, even background tile thickness

Multiple Tiles: Three or Four tiles, connected through a central image. Each tile is approximately 4”x4”.

Must include: at least 3 textures, at least one area of 3D sculpting , even background tile thickness

Your projects will be graded on the following:

Craftsmanship: Neatness, careful control drying (no warped tiles), glazing

Creativity: Well-planned ideas based on a story, careful application of textures

Community: How you relate to your peers, cleanup habits, attendance

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